Musician Brittany Davis Archer, a frequent performer at The Boro

Live Entertainment

Performances run from 6-9 on Wednesdays and 7-10 on Friday and Saturdays

September Music Line-Up

Friday, September 2

Ryan Rubich

Ryan Rubich, performing live at The Boro Restaurant & Bar

Saturday, September 3

Captain Dick and the Lost Seamen

Wednesday, September 7

Stephen Poole

Friday, September 9


Saturday, September 10

Hank Barbee

Wednesday, September 14

Bryan Mayer

Friday, September 16

Webb Brothers

Saturday, September 17

Big Sam

Wednesday, September 21

Will and Tony

Friday, September 23 and Saturday, September 23

Justin Castellano

Justin Castellano, a frequent performer at The Boro

Wednesday, September 28

The RV Road Show

Friday, September 30

 Ed Prophet